Sky Above Us Scholarship

The sky is the limit, someone says, but we like to add a safe limit and that’s what we strive for. Our company from is providing high-quality educational materials in a power kite field (Lenkmatte in German) and our mission is to keep all people safe when they are flying above us.

With our eyes always fixed on the sky, we don’t see any edges other people see. We are highly motivated and our everyday work makes us leave our comfort zone. Our conclusion is that motivation is very important and crucial to a successful life. For that reason for many years, we are encouraging young people never to lose motivation with a supportive scholarship well known as Sky Above Us. Every year we reward the best essays on a topic we choose and in the year 2017/2018, the topic is about the motivation for the future.

We want you to be imaginative, to think about motivation in an unexpected way, to think about the future as something good is going to come. Tell us your answer to the topic ˮLook at the future with eyes wide open to the skyˮ in around 800 – 1000 words. You can write about the personal experience or in general, but be sure to provide us an essay in .txt or .pdf, font Times New Roman, size 12.

  • Submit your application to an email

All students are able to apply, but make sure to submit next documents so that we can consider your application:

–   a proof of enrollment for the current year;

–   a short biography with personal data.

Note that previous scholarship winners can’t apply. Nationality, university, and field of study are not important in the process of application and selection. Applying for our scholarship is free of charge.

The main prize for the winner of the best essay in this competition is 1500$. The check will be mailed to the winner.

Deadline for application is April 1st 12 pm and the results will be published on April 15th. With the submission of all essays, we keep the right to publish them on our website.

All private data submitted are kept completely safe.

Good luck and remember that sky is the limit!